Curriculum :

Reiki level 1 certified by T. Bailey

Pranic breathing workshop with Dr Heyer

Light and colour healing workshop with Dr Heyer

Graduate of the Ohashi Institute (NYC)

lower back pain workshop with Ohashi

Ohashiatsu Instructor for beginning level (NYC)


What kind of bodywork is this?

    This bodywork is based on shiatsu but adapted by Ohashi, who brought a different approach to this ancient art of healing. It is a hybrid bringing the healing of acupressure techniques with yoga and thai massage stretches together.

    Shiatsu is an energetic bodywork, based on working on the meridians (energetic pathways that are related to internal organs) either with the thumb, the palm, or the knees. As we go through life our body is always challenged, and as a result it creates imbalances in those meridians. This practice helps to bring back balance, letting Ki (the energy of life, also called chi or prana) flow throughout the whole body, getting rid of the stagnation.

    This method brings an understanding of the connections between the meridians and our emotions, resulting in the relief of stress and a better awareness of the body-mind relation. In this practice, both partners ( receiver & giver ) are creating the exchange of Ki, leading to more stretches and a greater fluidity that is natural in its approach.

    The sessions are done on a futon, on the floor, clothes on.

Benefits :

    Bringing back the balance energetically will help the body to heal itself with a feeling of relaxation and peace, reducing the stress and stiffness.